Saturday, October 09, 2004

Why do I let my sister talk me into these things?

So my sister, Kari, who I love and adore (even when she is convincing me to do things I don't want to do), turns to me last Sunday and says "Josh needs a baptismal banner. Make it."

Yes, even though I am the Queen of the Universe, she is still that bossy to me. It is amazing that I continue to allow her to live in the Green Duckies Universe and not shipped her back to wherever you people come from. When I questioned her choice of me, I got "Well, you're creative." Yes. Yes, I am. With words. And the occasional scrapbook page. But I'm not artistic. Why would you pick me?

Anyway, my point is that tomorrow is the day of Josh's baptism. I still have no idea of what I am going to do with this. And whoever heard of baptismal banners anyway? When I was a baby, I didn't get a baptismal banner. The kid is obviously spoiled (yes, Kari, I am only kidding. Please don't hurt me).

When reading over the list of things that other people have put on their banners (doves, crosses, etc.), I read "Something important to your family." Beth looked up. "Well, that would be football," she said.

So Josh's banner? Will somehow be football related. Now if I could only draw. Believe me when I say there will someday be a picture of the banner and it will probably be the cheesiest thing you have ever seen. But I will persevere because, no matter how bossy she is, she's still my sister and I love her. And Josh, even though he cries every time he sees me, is a pretty gosh darn great kid.

Wish me luck.

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At 1:33 AM, brooksba said...
Good luck! I know it will be perfect! It'll be made by the Queen of the Universe. How could it not be perfect?
At 9:17 AM, Matt said...
I am sure that no matter what you choose it will be good and perfect for Josh. Besides, how old is he right now? A year? I doubt he will have anything critical to say about it at this point. Don't worry about the whole crying every time he sees you thing, my kids still do that from time to time with me. Of course, that might have something to do with the way I have been so "kind" to them as they are growing up.matt