Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I was bad

So I went to karaoke on Sunday night, even knowing that I had not enough sleep and was not feeling particularly good (this is from the lack of sleep), because, hello, it is karaoke and it was for Beth's birthday and that is enough for me. Who needs sleep?

I had a good time. I always have a good time at karaoke because there is Beth and Bryan, our host, and Troy and Katie were there as well.

I also formulated a plan to kill the guy that touched Beth, if he would have come over and touched her again. The first time it happened, my reaction time was a little slow. Fortunately, he did get into a fight with his sister and left. After butchering Queen and Meat Loaf. For which he should also die. And why, why, why would you sing Paradise By the Dashboard Lights with your mother? Oh, my God. That is horrific.

Bobby was there and, as always, he poured the Diet Coke with a slice of lime and the Water with his manly hands. It was beautiful. Both Katie and Beth have seen the water and agree with me that it is quite sexy. I also must say that I was devastated that there was only one lime slice in my Diet Coke, this obviously means that Bobby no longer loves me. Sob. I am heartbroken (for the record, I am not pining away for Bobby. It amuses me to pretend that I have a thing for him. Which I do, a little, but not in the "Oh, he's the one" kind of way. More in the "Oh, my God, would you look at those hands" kind of way. Is that wrong?).

Then I went home and tossed and turned for four hours. My alarm went off and I stared at it and wept. Well, okay, I didn't actually cry but I wanted to. I told Keem I was not going to go to work, called my boss and then crawled back into bed. And did not get out of it until 2 PM. So, obviously, I needed the sleep. I felt like crap all day but today, I am feeling better.

And, for the record again, I did tell my boss that I went out on Sunday but that I hadn't been feeling good before that and that I also do not drink so he doesn't think it was a hangover. And he does not hate me, so that's good.

Beth, if you even think about feeling guilty that I didn't go to work, I will be forced to slap you. And then run screaming away when you, rightly, kick my ass. I am a slacker and I know it. I could have gone to work but I was just so tired and the sleeping felt so good. And there was another issue but we're not going there.

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At 2:22 PM, Firebear said...
this is a great post on friendship. and a good "day in the life..." Maybe that's what I will do, a day in the life of Bear. I wonder if I can have it end with a fantasy cat fight like this one did!
At 2:50 PM, brooksba said...
DM,I'm sorry you didn't feel well. I do feel bad about you not going to work, even if it was your choice.Hey! You didn't go to work and you didn't BLOG!!!Did Keem go to work?Okay, bye!Beth
At 3:42 PM, CarpeDM said...
No, I slept all day. And then I was allowed a little time online where I got to look at maybe one or two blogs and then my sister called and I got kicked off and then I was not allowed to play anymore because it was dinner time and then I ate and then we watched tv and then I went to bed and slept some more and now I am all better. Keem went to work. She is not a slacker.
At 3:51 PM, brooksba said...
DM,Okay. I was just trying to determine how long you blogged yesterday. I want lots of posts!!!I can't believe I took days off of work. I'm going insane. Bye!
At 4:07 PM, The Lioness said...
I have categories!!!!!!! Easy to do but v time consuming AND aggravating bcs some of the links appear not to exist though everything is fine. ARGH! But I have categories!!! Hope you're rested. (Would you kill me if I said you look cute? *OUCH* And dimples are great!!!)
At 11:45 PM, Matt said...
Now I know where my slacker gene comes from...thank you for the post Father, it was great. Matt