Sunday, October 24, 2004

My God, why am I awake?

It is 1:30 PM. I have been up since 10 AM. Which, hey, not a big deal, except that I went to bed at 6 AM? Something like that.

Anyway, Beth's birthday is on Tuesday. Happy Birthday, Beth. Because it is her birthday, I agreed to come over last night at about midnight, after an exhausting day of sleeping, watching My Stepmother Is An Alien with Keem and then taking a nap and then going with my Mom and Kari to see Shall We Dance? (Which I loved. Because, hello, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and STANLEY TUCCI so outweigh Jennifer Lopez. And she wasn't that bad in it, mainly kept her mouth shut and looked mysterious). And then I got home, talked to Beth and took a nap.

We then came to her apartment where she did some homework, I continued to read the newest Nora Roberts book, Northern Lights. Let me explain something to you about Nora Roberts. She is such a good author that I now want to move to Alaska. And not just Alaska but scary, covered in snow for most of the year, the bush, Alaska. I am sure that once I finish the book I will not want to move to Alaska anymore and this is only caused by the fact that she writes descriptions so well that I have, while reading her books, wanted to move to Finland, Ireland (well, who can blame me for that), small Southern towns where it is very hot, New Orleans, New York and many other places. Fortunately all of my friends are here. Except for those friends that live elsewhere like England and Portugal and Michigan (Michigan being the most exotic of locations which is why it was listed last). Oh, and Oregon. Which I might actually move to someday because it is close to Seattle where it rains. A lot. I like rain, have I mentioned that?

I have not had time to post a lot lately and I have made up for that for writing three posts today, including this one, instead of sleeping like I should because Beth is going to wake up very soon and then we have to go and do stuff like go shopping and have dinner with her dad and then come back here and get ready for karaoke.

Normally, on Sundays, I get up at 10, go do stuff, talk to Beth about 4 or 5 about karaoke, she tells me she will call me when she leaves her dad's and I go and take a nap. Because I am old and I have to work the next morning. Where she is 11 years younger than me, works the night shift and has Mondays off.

That is not the case today. I woke up at 10 and told myself, okay, go blog for a little bit so Beth will have something to read because she has been waiting forever for you to finish a post. That obviously did not happen. So tonight I will be very tired but also having a great time because it is karaoke. Or, should I say, KARAOKE? Did I mention that I like karaoke and am so very, very tired?

Here is a map to The Chalet. You should go to The Chalet because it is karaoke and Bryan and there will be a CUTE BOY (Beth's capitalization, not mine) there and then there will also be Bobby, purveyor of Diet Coke with a slice of lime. And you could come and say Happy Birthday to Beth. I mean, really, people, isn't that reason enough? Keem is even going and she's not a karaoke lover. And I will be there and I have to work at 6:45 AM tomorrow. Why did I agree to the early shift? Oh, right, Keem did and I don't want to take the bus.

Anyway, hopefully there will be much excitement tonight and flirtation and longing stares across the bar at the bartender and fun and laughter and hopefully the laughter will not be because I have fallen asleep while singing. That would be bad.

Oh, and this morning, Beth and I watched Love Actually. I am filled with love for the entire world, particularly the small island that holds Colin Firth, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Grant and Liam Neeson and Alan Rickman.

Anyway, ciao. See you later. I love you (hey, I told you, Love Actually. I love everyone. Be warned). Hopefully, I will not say this to Bobby when he gives me my Diet Coke with a slice of lime.

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At 2:52 PM, brooksba said...
KARAOKE!!!CUTE BOY!!!I am quite excited. Sleep is good, I'm sorry you didn't sleep more. Now you are looking like you're going to fall asleep.You'll need to tell me about the vampire dream that you don't remember.We need to find you that "Take me Bobby! I love water!" shirt for you to wear tonight.
At 5:47 PM, The Lioness said...
OK, I am now cursing even more than usual bcs of the time difference and the hours it will take till I FIND OUT what happened!!!As for Bobby, JUST SAY IT and pretend it's water poisoning. (I have a new template! Didn't work at all today bcs it took me ALL BLOODY AFTERNOON but I am now happy.)