Sunday, October 24, 2004

I have Cleavage!

Lioness, just for you I will give a quick update and also justify my text. Beth and I went over to Catherine's today, hoping to find a shirt that would say, subtly, "Take me, Bobby!" And a good bra. I am bra challenged. I have breasts but they are, well, untamed. They like to roam free and this is probably my fault because I have been lacking in their training. This involves a whip and a good bra, two things I do not have.
Here's the thing. I'm overweight (well, duh) and there are not a lot of stores for me. I have a few choices, two, actually, between Catherine's and Lane Bryant. I know there are other places in the Twin Cities but these two stores are somewhat reasonably priced.
You will find that there are two styles of clothing for the overweight woman (Junoequse, Rubensesque, whateveresque), sedate, Grandma clothes or I'm a slut clothes. I went to the Grandma store tonight but did manage to find two nice shirts, one purple, one orange and a bra, while not the best, does harness the puppies and force them to stay in line. I have cleavage tonight. It may not stop men in their tracks but I know it is there and it feels damn good.
I wore the new bra out of the store and I must tell you, this is the first time I have ever been so aware of my breasts. They are uplifted and, dare I say, almost perky. My posture is better and I feel more confident. Who knew that you could get this feeling from a bra? Certainly not me.
So I don't know if anyone else will notice but I sure do. And while my cleavage may not show much in the purple shirt I'll be wearing tonight, I know it's there. Hopefully my new sense of power will not make me do crazy things like walk up to random men and say "Look! I have cleavage!"
Anyway, I must go and get ready for karaoke. There will be more to come.
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At 8:31 PM, brooksba said...
Ah, the power of cleavage.Even if no one can see it, knowing that you are wearing a fun bra (or fun underwear - a must!), helps make you feel sexy and this in turn helps you present the inner power you have to the world.I recommend wearing fun underwear and bras to all women. We're going to have fun tonight!Beth
At 10:28 PM, The Lioness said...
What do you mean "fun"? i hope that's an euphemism for "NAUGHT" - naughty underwear is a must. Not that I have enough of it but I've lately been converted to thongs. They ARE actually comfortable. And as for the right bra, the right bra is an ABSOLUTE MUST and it does indeed lift more than just one's boobies! I'm vicarioulsy high too!Now get back in here and update on karaoke.
At 4:24 AM, DeAnn said...
I love that you think it's possible for "Take me, Bobby!" to be subtle.You're awesome.
At 1:05 PM, Firebear said...
At 3:10 PM, The Lioness said...
Oh, thank you!!! My own dedicated post - of sorts - and justified too! tell me, doesn't it look SO MUCH BETTER this way??? Yes it does!!!(Of course I meant NAUGHTY and not naught. Though that was rather funny since we were talking abt loads of cleavage!)