Saturday, October 02, 2004

Random Stuff

Okay, thanks to The Lioness for providing the tale of the cat and that the cat is well. And then for providing the link to Rabbitch which led to this link. Oh, my goodness, this is funny, funny stuff.

I especially liked this one. I'm a sick, sick girl.

Anyway, right now I'm suffering from writer's block. Nothing really exciting is going on in my life right now. Keem's gone, Jeff's on his way to Chicago with his folks. Kari may come over later.

So I'm going through old emails and condensing them and then I will eventually post them. Because, hey, let's be honest, Keem, Beth and I are some gosh-darn funny people. And everything we say is gold! Gold!

Yeah. I am a freak. The real reason is because it amuses me and also reminds me of how much fun I had working at the centralized call center. I know I'll still see Beth and we'll still have email but it was fun to have her only a row away, singing and dancing and occasionally fastening push pin tins to one of my favorite red shirts (I have many red shirts). So bear with me, internet world, I'm doing this in memory of a place I worked for almost five years, there was good and bad but mainly good and I'm going to miss it. A lot.

And hopefully, if you read it and you are not Beth or Keem or myself, you will find it funny as well. Oh, and here's a conversation Mike (former boss (for the sake of future posts about my new boss who is also named Mike, former boss Mike will now be known as Mike F and new boss Mike will be known as Mike N)) and I had on Thursday. It's not always a good idea for your boss to know your web address. But makes for interesting conversations.

Mike F: I was just reading your blog.
DM: Really? Which post?
Mike F: I am not going to say that at work.
DM: Ah. The Tale of the Blue Stiffy?
Mike F: Yes. Why would you put that on your site?

Good question. Why do I do anything? Because it's fun. Usually. And there is some funny stuff in that story. And it's good for me to unburden my soul.

Oh, and, in honor of the previous post about the undead, here's another one from asofterworld.

Have a good day. Buddy and Lady B, check out the top of my site, the masthead, I guess you'd call it. If the owl's flying, it'll be there. Hope to see you soon.

Oh, Beth and I are going to karaoke on Sunday. Hope to see you there.

Previous Comments:

At 8:02 PM, Matt said...
Beautiful One,Let me tell you something about missing the work place, it never goes away. Yes I had some good times, a lot of them actually, but I also had some bad ones (can you guess what they were?) and from time to time I think back to them, and I smile. That ismy favorite place that I ever workd, had I not I would never know the wonderfulness of you, Beth, Keem, Adam, and of course Scott. Nor would I have known what it was like to have Mike and you as bosses, and I would never ever of had the great times that I did have with you. One of my favorite things that ever happened at the phone bank Dana was when I made you cry. It is not my favorite time because I made you cry over something sad however, it was the fact that you cried because you read something that I wrote to you. It made me feel good to see that I wrote something that powerful it made actual emotion come out of you. Thank you for all that you have done for me when you were my boss, I really appreciate everything that you have done, and still do for me as my frined, and of course my dad.Love,Matthew-your crazy one that keeps you sane
At 9:34 PM, The Lioness said...
"And everything we say is gold! Gold!" DM, I am crazy about you! "Because it's fun." FunNY! "And there is some funny stuff in that story." HEAPS OF!!! "And it's good for me to unburden my soul." And we're listening and admiring you.(I thought you would appreciate the link, I'm happy to see you did!)
At 2:09 AM, CarpeDM said...
Thanks, you two. I had a fun little thought in my head as I was signing in tonight (now). If I hadn't been bored one night at work and searching on google for something (obviously work related because I am a good Dana), I never would have found blogger. And then I never would have "met" Larry, The Lioness, Serialangel, Robert-Marlene, Flea, Frog, DeAnn, Jay and let's not forget the Rubber Chicken. That would so totally suck. It's really cool to have the circle of friends that I already do but it's also cool to have "met" all of these people and introduced them to my friends. Oh, and I saw that stupid Breakfast with the King commercial today. That is seriously creepy.
At 2:51 AM, DeAnn said...
I cannot wait for your fun fun fun e-mails!And also, some people's obsession with cats is a little weird. I mean, some of the things that they post online, while they crack me up, are quite crazy!
At 8:10 AM, The Lioness said...
(I am sitting here hoping it's not me she's talking about. If it is, I'd have to hurt her. And that would be BAD.)Seriously, what people are these and what are their URLs?
At 4:20 AM, brooksba said...
I enjoyed the link. That was good. More posts about old emails please!Mike F. read your blog. He asked me before he read about what he said. Everyone at our call center misses you! I need to know how your new job is going, everyone keeps asking me! Tell me! Tell me now!Post more. I miss you and I'm crying. I looked at your empty desk today and was sad. Just thought you should know. I miss Keem at work too. Judy wishes you both the best and she's sad that you're both gone. Everyone misses you both. You are loved at the call center.