Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Random Karaoke stuff

Have we mentioned that sometimes there are people that can't sing? I think we have (no, this is not the Royal We, this is Beth and I) but, hey, here's a refresher.

Joe (from Beer Goggles One) is on the stage and I can't remember what song he was singing but it started out "There's two things I know for certain." The first thought in my mind is

  1. You can't sing.
  2. Have I mentioned that you can't sing?

Here's an example, he sings "Angels Among Us" by Alabama. Not a bad song, right? You would think anyone could handle it. The first part of it is spoken, not that difficult. Yeah. You haven't met Joe. I am frightened by the fact that you can't understand him speaking because he puts the microphone right up to his mouth and then he mutters and mumbles. So what we hear is "Mmmm, I know mmmm angels mmm us."

Sunday, there weren't a lot of people so the rotation was very small. Joe got to sing a lot. You know, if he had a personality or was cute like THE BOY I wouldn't mind so much. But he's not.

Beth and I were watching the television over the karaoke machine (usually the lyrics are there so it is second nature to look at it). The West Wing is playing, no sound. Rob Lowe comes on screen. Beth and I look at each other and, in unison, say "That sure is a pretty man." It's nice having a friend who is on the same wavelength as you.

Beth and I ordered pizza again. The Chalet has good pizza and it's reasonably priced. Beth told me to eat the last two pieces so I did. I also made up a song.

Sung to the Last Train From Clarksville by the Monkees

It’s the last piece of pizza
And I’m going to eat it.
You made it in the oven
And I don’t know the rest.

I was standing up on the stage, waiting to sing and Beth told Bryan about my song. So I began to sing it, without thinking about the fact that I am singing into the microphone and Bryan is in control of turning up the volume and isn't afraid to let me make a fool out of myself. The Chalet got a lovely rendition of the song.

Ah, karaoke. It's always fun. You should come and see us.

Previous Comments:

At 4:33 PM, brooksba said...
Ah, karaoke.I love karaoke. I want it to be Sunday already so I can go to karaoke. Cowboy Joe can't sing. I'm sorry, but it's true. I enjoyed the pizza song. It was great.I want to see THE BOY! Sorry, I'm still obsessing. I miss you!
At 9:57 PM, Matt said...
Me Dad,I cannot wait utnil it is karoke again-I miss it. I do remember the people that thought they could sing, but it turned out that they really could not, oh the joys of Wyld Tymes. I hope to see you soon, along iwth Keem, and of course My Little Sister, Beth. Oh wait! Today is Wenesday, and it is almost done, that means that tomorrow is Thursday, and then, oh and then it is Friday and guess what? It is time for the queens to come out an dplay! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!I LIKE QUEENS!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Later
At 2:30 AM, brooksba said...
Why don't you post 24 hours a day??? I want more. I'm going to be annoying. I'm sorry. I need someone to talk to at 2:30 in the morning. I think the night shift is going to kill me one of these days.There was an announcement today at work. Your replacement starts next week and I get to help train him in quality disputes.I'm thinking of Jim and the parking ramp. And the random stranger wandering up the down ramp, calling, "Raaaaa-nnnnnnn-dddddddyyyy!"
At 5:27 AM, DeAnn said...
You would absolutely HATE doing karaoke with me. I CANNOT SING. I put the NOT in CANNOT SING. Seriously.
At 8:17 AM, CarpeDM said...
Finally the results of Decison '04 are in. If and when I ever get email again, I'll have to email him and congratulate him.DeAnn, we would not hate going to karaoke with you. We would enjoy it very much because a) you have a personality, b) you're smart so we could talk to you about stuff whenever we weren't singing and c) according to many commenters on your blog, you, much like THE BOY, are cute. One of the rules of karaoke are if you can't sing, at least pick something that people can sing along to and then it doesn't matter. Joe does not do that. He picks slow, country songs and mangles them, not upbeat, fun songs like "Cecelia" or "Build me up, Buttercup."